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A fast track custody evaluation is sometimes referred to as a "mini evaluation," partial evaluation, partial investigation, or partial assessment among others. "Evaluation," "investigation," and "assessment" are synonymous (Rule 5.220. Court-ordered child custody evaluations).

A fast track evaluation is generally ordered with the intent of having the evaluator investigate and determine what custody arrangement would be best for the children. In some cases this may be requested to speed up matters, or when the scope of the evaluation can be reduced such as when the court wants to know the answer to a particular question. A fast track evaluation is an examination of the health, safety, welfare, and best interest of the child that is limited by court order in either time or scope (Rule 5.220. Court-ordered child custody evaluations).
A fast track evaluation may be ordered by a Judge when he or she would like more information before making a custody or visitation decision. Fast track evaluations are often done by court-connected evaluators and often take place in a Child Custody Evaluation Office. The evaluator will generally speak with both parents alone and sometimes together. The evaluator will also be interested in speaking with the children. With fast track evaluations, this often takes place in the same day and the evaluator will generally report back to the judge the information he or she has learned. This report will generally be an oral report (not written) in the Courtroom. The evaluator is likely to suggest a temporary custody and visitation plan for your family. Although the evaluator may want to speak with others who care for the children, the evaluator has limited time and will not have the time they would have in a full evaluation to interview all collateral references. The evaluator will also be limited on how much material they can review do to time constraints.
A fast track evaluation can speed up the adversarial process and less costly than a full custody evaluation. In some instances a fast track evaluation may be the better choice. However, in complex custody cases this may not be the best option if it is essential that the evaluator talk to numerous collateral references and do extensive psychological testing. In either case, the facts of your case and your desired goals and results should be considered to help determine, which type of child custody evaluation is right for you.

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